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All Envisage media is now available directly through the Envisage Media App on the Envisage Launchpad.
Please contact our technical support team on 0114 399 0010 if you require any assistance or further information


Envisage is an advanced visual information system that combines health awareness with communication and patient call bringing significant benefits to Primary Care services and patients alike.


Partnered and integrated with all the leading primary care clinical system suppliers, the Envisage product is leading the way with visual information systems that enhance the patient experience whilst informing and educating the patient as they wait for their appointment in the GP surgery.


Your Envisage system comes with a variety of health messages that are shown on the waiting room screen. You choose which media items are shown at what time on which day. What’s more, new and updated media is regularly available via this website for you to preview and download, helping to ensure that the messages displayed remain fresh and topical.


Using the very latest advanced visual technology, Envisage offers the ideal opportunity for your Primary Care services to tackle local, regional and national healthcare topics such as:



Alcohol reduction

Drug addition

Stop Smoking Campaigns

Improving Sexual Health

Promoting GP and PCT services


Stand-alone solutions with full media services are also available to meet the every changing needs of Primary Care services.


For further information visit, or to discuss specific requirements please telephone 0114 243 3896 or email